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Philippe Thériault is an illusionist born on December 28, 2000 in Montreal, Canada. His career was truly launched at the age of 12 in several festivals, corporate events and shows across Quebec. His quality of execution, his authenticity, as well as his illusions tinged with intelligence, have charted an award-winning course for him. During his first performance in front of a jury at the “Michel Cailloux” International Competition, he received the title of winner in three of the five categories. In 2014, he once again impressed the jury which awarded him, for this edition, the “Jury’s Favorite” prize. In 2015, at the age of 14, he was recognized as Grand Champion of the “Michel Cailloux” International Competition. He was crowned Canadian Junior Magic Champion in 2016, making him the youngest Canadian illusionist to receive this award. In 2019, he presented the first TEDx conference on magic in Quebec, entitled "Magic, an art of emotions", exploring the fact that magic is an art in its own right and that it cannot be explained only by intelligence, but also through emotions. Constantly pushing the limits of his art to satisfy this universal sense of wonder and imagination, Philippe multiplies his tours. So far, he has presented his magic in Quebec, Ontario, New Brunswick and the United States. He also participated in television shows on Radio-Canada, MATv, Télé-Québec, TV5 and TVA.

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