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A unique show adapted to the casino created and presented by one of the best magicians in Canada.

The casino formula, a unique approach 


This new show entitled MAGIC AT THE CASINO! presented by illusionist Philippe Theriault  is a unique concept allowing spectators to live a totally immersive magic experience combining close-up and stage magic. 


Crowned “Grand Champion of the Michel Cailloux International Magic Competition” and “Canadian Junior Magic Champion”, Philippe continually pushes the limits of his art. Recently finalist at the World Magic Championships, Philippe promises to dazzle every time and will take you into his most original and impressive acts... just a few centimeters away from your eyes.


Live the unique experience of MAGIC AT THE CASINO! and be sure to be impressed !


What to expect 

By walking among the guests, Philippe makes his spectators experience strong emotions directly in their hands, barely a few centimeters from their eyes. Mentalism, close-up magic with a multitude of accessories such as cards and coins, objects borrowed from the audience or even close-up paranormal and pyrotechnic effects, the range of emotions experienced is great for the simplicity with which Philippe operates. As an illusionist with such sure mastery, conjuring is the purest form of magic that Philippe performs and arouses the most intense reactions and creates memories that will last for a long time.



  • Great flexibility and adaptability in presentation. Possibility of being surrounded in 360°, requires minimal logistics and can be presented in any environment with a format varying from 15 to 75 minutes and more;

  • A hybrid and unique style of magic incorporating close-up stage acts with proximity tricks : a premiere in magic;

  • Direct and ignites the strongest reactions, because the magic is also experienced with objects belonging to spectators, in their own hands;

  • Allows to spread magic to a large number of people, while having a strong proximity:

  • Presenting close-up magic at the casino is original and involves little risk as magic is familiar with its refreshing presentation focused on pleasure and accessories blending into the spirit and theme of playing.

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